After working as an independent producer for Bill Moyers Journal, Ewing became one of the first independent filmmakers to produce for CBS News in the The American Parade with Charles Kuralt.
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Ewing also produced segments for ABC/Nightline with Ted Koppel, once again still working as an independent producer.

For WGBH/Frontline, Ewing produced "A Journey To Russia" during the Brezhnev Era when taking a 16mm camera crew and 300 rolls of film in and out of the Soviet Union was no easy feat. His Emmy- Award nominated "Bloods of 'Nam" was also broadcast by Frontline.

For NBC News, Ewing went to a women's prison in Illinois for a summer, directing and shooting "Women Behind Bars" with Maria Shriver. He was so popular in prison that NBC offered him the chance to spend a summer in South Central Los Angeles wearing a bullet proof vest. Ewing's film "Gangs, Cops & Drugs" with Tom Brokaw became one of the most viewed documentaries ever on network television with a 25/18 Neilson rating. "The New Hollywood" was his reward, a film about the corporate gangs that control another part of LA.

The audio of this clip from "Gangs, Cops & Drugs" was sampled by the rap artist Ice – T for one of his albums. "The New Hollywood" also has a clip here as well.
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