Wayne Ewing’s career began in Washington, DC where he was born and raised.

Naturally his first independent films were about politics but, early on his skill as a shooter and director made him popular with political consultants and filmmakers. He shot spots for scores of Senate and House Campaigns, and shot and directed all the spots for the Mondale Presidential Campaign in 1984. Truly a thankless task, but fun nonetheless.

Ewing continues to shoot and direct for other Producers whenever possible. How else can you afford to feed six polo ponies?

The links in the Production Services drop down menu above provide video clips and some hard-earned tips and tales about life on the filmmaking road.

Clients: NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, PBS, GK Films, FilmDistrict, Twentieth Century Fox, Muheim Motion Pictures, Discovery, The Eagles Touring Company.

Camera Equipment: In house Canon DSLR’s and lenses for High Definition and Panasonic HVX-100A for SD, but experienced with a myriad of film and video cameras which can be easily rented depending on the production requirements.

Editing: Avid Media Composer 6 in house
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